JSS Marketing solutions is established to offer different kind of marketing solutions. It is a consulting business providing range of marketing consultancy especially for small business who can’t afford fee of large or multinational marketing companies. .
Services of the company include:

Marketing Survey and Research

We provide marketing survey and research services to those clients who wants to know the market either at the time of start up or at the time of expansion. Research and survey are often needed in other situations as well like during company’s growth, during new product launch etc. Because of our winning pricing to our services, we aim to receive many contracts on this category.

Marketing Tools Development

It is a service to those clients who wants to market their product by different means. Depending on the products or services they are offering, marketing techniques are different. Therefore, we provide counseling and idea on this. Also we help them to develop the marketing tools with our help.

Advertisement Consultancy Services

One of the best tools of marketing is advertisement. We help our client to choose best media for their advertisement. We analysis their target market, budget and media costing. Based on that we provide counseling service to go with advertisement media.

Supply Chain Management

We also help to manage supply chain management of the company. Basically, it is advisory service on which we provide different alternatives to manage supply chain in very cost effective way. Supply chain management enables our customers to save money in their supply and help them to reach wider market as they expect.